The repoze.who X509 plugin

Author:Arturo Sevilla.
Latest release:0.2.0


This plugin enables repoze.who to identify (not completely authenticate) according to SSL client certificates. It can check the fields (attribute types) in the subject distinguished name.

It supports “out of the box” mod_ssl if mod_wsgi is also activated in Apache, and Nginx SSL functionality. However, this documentation also includes configuration examples for both Apache and Nginx for when both are working as reverse proxies.

This plugin was developed independently of the repoze project (copyrighted to Agendaless Consulting, Inc.).

Installing this plugin

The minimum requirements for installation are repoze.who, and python-dateutil. If you want to run the tests, then Nose and its coverage plugin will also be installed. It can be installed with easy_install:

easy_install repoze.who-x509

Support and development

The project is hosted on GitHub.

Quick setup

If you want to use the IIdentifier object, then you can build it as follows, and the pass it to the identifiers parameter of repoze.who.middleware.PluggableAuthenticationMiddleware:

from repoze.who.plugins.x509 import X509Identifier

identifer = X509Identifier('SSL_CLIENT_S_DN')

The required parameter of X509Identifier is the WSGI environment key of the “distinguished name” of the client certificate subject. By default the credentials are based on the “Email” field, but it can be customized as follows:

from repoze.who.plugis.x509 import X509Identifier

identifier = X509Identifier('SSL_CLIENT_S_DN', login_field='CN')

In this case it will try to get the credentials from the common name of the client certificate subject.

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